Paw  Paw  Puppy  Tales

Official Waiting List

Sheepadoodles F1 

OES x Poodle

 Born June 2022


Moyen Poodles


Born June 2022







Maltipoms F1

Maltese x Pomeranian

Born July 2022




Bernese Mnt Dogs


Planned Oct 2022

1. Held for Breeder

2. Haylee- Indiana

3. Chelsea- Illinois

4. Amanda- Illinois  

5. Stephanie- Illinois 



Upcoming Litters! 

We also have available waiting lists for any planned litters within the next year. If there is a time frame that works better for you ask us if we will have your breed available at that time. If you are interested in getting on a waiting list for any planned litters let us know!  If the litter is not listed above we have 1st pick of the litter available!! 

          **Planned means this is when we estimate the litter will be born

                        ** Puppies will be ready for homes 8-12 weeks after birth at our discression


             * Labrador Retrievers Planned for February 2023 (AKC) 

             * Bernese Mountain Dogs Planned for October 2022 (AKC)

             * Old English Sheepdogs Planned for November 2022 (AKC)

Pick of the Litter from our stud! (POL)

If you are interested in one of the puppies we will be taking as payment for our males stud fee let us know! We will happily allow you to choose the puppy you are most interested in from the litter and pick him/her for you. This is as long as a deposit has been made and we are speaking early in the puppies first weeks of age. We would also be happy to take you with us to visit and pick out your puppy or face-time the litter with you when we go to meet the puppies.