Paw  Paw  Puppy  Tales


These are our growing puppies from 0-8 weeks of age 

Click on each Breed under the Nursery tab to see individual pictures & details! 

Currently Growing:

 AKC Pomeranians

 Expected Soon: 

AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs

F1 Sheepadoodles 

Pomeranians Non registered

See each Tab for Our Available Puppies 

Nursery: All of the puppies in the nursery are under 8 weeks old and still have some growing to do. If interested in reserving one of our nursery puppies message us! 

Available Puppies: These puppies are either ready to go now or within a week or two! We let each puppy go to their forever homes when we feel they are ready.  

Puppies 6-12 months: Most likely these puppies are ready to go! But occasionally they need a little TLC beforehand